Reclaim Democracy

Start Locally

    • Are you feeling frustrated because you see that our Democracy has fallen apart and we now live in primarily a country controlled by large corporations?
    • Do you want to change this dysfunction peacefully and rapidly?
    • Do you want to support your health and well-being as well as of others for generations to come?
    • Do you want to have an uplifting experience that brings changes to this dysfunctional system?

Our Democracy can be reclaimed to serve the people instead of corporate profits through grassroots alignment  strategically focused on the root of change.

The root of change is within the system that impacts our life the most. Government is the overriding system that regulates monetary, business, education, health care, law enforcement and military systems. It has a key access point where grassroots rule instead of big money.

This primary access within this overriding system is through county government. The counties are a self-sufficient legal entity that form the base of the government hierarchy. This is where people live, work and are most affected by government. The state and federal layers are dependent upon the base; however, the county is not dependent on the upper layers, but can function as a self-sufficient system.

Within county governance are concentrations of power where the root of the system lies. Increasing grassroots power and strategically directing it to the dysfunctional root will rapidly transform the entire system. 

The root holding the dysfunction in place is where power, authority and influence are concentrated — at the local county level. Within this system the main source of power is with the “majority” County Board of Supervisors (some states call it the County Council).

It is imperative to have a “majority” of the County Board of Supervisors dedicated to progressive values and are serving the people instead of corporate profits.

What constitutes a majority varies from county to county, it could be up to five on a nine-person board. To assure that a majority of progressives are elected requires a political action committee. It is not difficult to form and can be started by a small dedicated group. Each US county should have a non-partisan, independently run organization that selects, develops and campaigns for these progressive candidates. This mechanism supports collaboration among county progressives, and is bi-partisan, independent, and owned and directed by its local creators.

Maui County, Hawaii, has shown the way to remove oppression that ruled for 125 years. The history of the residents’ struggle for fairness exposed the system and how to change it. It is the same system of oppression that grips the majority of nations on the planet, including the United States. Maui residents showed the strategy and demonstrated its success. A small group of activists took seven steps. Since a majority of progressives now run Maui County the work on community needs and support has been proven unprecedented.

Why protest to compromised politicians….Instead use that energy to replace them with people who support progressive values, issues and approaches.

A small group of citizens can be the catalyst for systemic change in their county. Seven steps can Reclaim Democracy. With a proven strategic map, the journey can be fun, engaging, and uplifting.

When progressives within counties align with other counties and agree on progressive state candidates, the next layer is impacted, and the same alignment goes for other states and for the federal level. What drives and moves the house cleaning forward are grassroots, from the base. This is a peaceful path to reclaim our government from big money interests. Grassroots from the bottom up can defeat big-money from the top down.

To learn how you can be involved and create progressive change in your county contact: info@ReclaimDemocracy.US




Paul Deslauriers

Grassroots Organizer and Organization Development Consultant

Paul has served over two hundred organizations involving mergers, restructuring, work process flows, teamwork, management coaching, and asset management. The work involved diverse groups such as the Alaskan Inuit, Icelandic communities. Employing innovative, new-paradigm concepts for “high energy group performance”, serving clients such as Hoechst, Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus, IKEA, and over seventy TV broadcasting and advertising agencies.

In 2002 Paul woke up to the dysfunction we live in and became a full-time activist. He coordinated 287 grassroots groups focused on government system change. Later started a non-profit organization, Co-Act that served thousands of low-income residents in Western Massachusetts. All these efforts to try and change the system led to his involvement in Maui. It is an isolated county with longstanding control by big money interests, the people suffered. This county stood out as a pilot program for the Seven Steps where Paul started a political action organization.

The Maui Pono Network, involved close to 300 volunteers working for over 10 months to address longstanding community issues. The team developed their own political platform, interviewed 42 candidates and selected 14. They used a wide variety of campaign and community engagement tools. They were successful for the first time in 125 years to get a progressive majority in the County Council. Within six months they have transformed the island by serving the common good instead of corporate profits. This includes affordable housing, tax reform, pollution control, water distribution, and removing 4 county department heads. This was within the first 8 months.

Paul is also author of:

    • Grassroute Guide: Roadmap to Community Empowerment”, lays out in a practical and applicable format, insightful principles of community organizing.
    • In the novel, “Bearer of Light: A Catalyst for Global Change”, I weaves six key characteristics of successful communities throughout the story, while providing hope and an uplifting approach to the challenges faced by our local communities.
    • IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE: The 6 Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups, describes the principles for developing high energy organizations.