The Main Battlefield for Ending Exploitive Systems…Beliefs

As you look beyond the manufactured chaos of the US political scene and focus on our monetary, corporate and governance systems, it is apparent they do not support the citizens but enriches those in control. A deceptive wiring allows the control of these systems by a self-selected elite. How can fractions of 1% of the population get away with eliciting their control on the 99%? What allows them to wield control in a nation committed to democracy and freedom? What weaves this curtain of deceit that blocks our view of the truth and a way out of this trap?

A science has been exploring these questions for over one hundred years. The primary funding source for this science was the Rockefeller Foundation. They explored how to mold society for a certain function, aspiration, and achievement; and also how to prevent the population from protesting the loss of their rights, or accept the growing class divides.

Social engineering can influence invisible control mechanisms in all of us. Through behavior modification experiments that stem from B F Skinner and Pavlov’s dogs that unconsciously wagged their tails and began to salivate when a bell rang. Experimenters on humans began in earnest with John B Watson. These scientists found they could employ a variety of techniques to get people to do what you want and stop people from doing what you don’t want them to do. It is the scientific reproducibility, the control, and the unawareness of the person being manipulated that makes it an important tool of the controllers of our social systems.

Humans can then be seen as machines that can be manipulated by the 1% and create the illusion of a democracy. People can be programmed for certain action by the push of a button or the sound of a bell; we are malleable and can be redesigned and shaped without our awareness. You may not be aware of how pervasive social engineering is.

Virtually all law and governance has the effect of seeking to change behavior and could be considered “social engineering” to some extent. Proscription on murder, rape, theft, and littering are all policies aimed at discouraging undesirable behaviors. Governments also influence behavior more subtly through incentives and disincentives built into economic policy and tax policy, for instance, and have done so for centuries.

The primary challenge we face is the deceptive beliefs affecting our perception, some planted in childhood. The first thing I memorized in pre-school was the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. My beliefs about government and business prevented me from seeing a realistic picture of my social environment. This is where the primary battlefront lies. The skirmishes are for the control of our subconscious beliefs that shapes values, perceptions and actions. Beliefs form bedrock for our actions and lulls society into systems fabricated out of illusion.

These distorted beliefs act as filters that narrow and delude our perception. They can be shaped by social engineering involving a wide range of media, particularly television. We can be lead to believe anything including the false perception that we are powerless to change these corrupt systems. By far the most opaque blinder we have to truth, the biggest block to accessing our true potential lies within each of us. Ancient mystics saw that underneath our actions are the values formed by beliefs that in some way directs our thoughts and perceptions.

Awakening is an internal process. It is shining light on darkness that has been set in our subconscious. Break through begins with an internal process that confronts belief systems about yourself, government, money, health care, education and our military.

The impact of the subconscious beliefs in shaping our perception is profound. It can manipulate US taxpayers to support imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. Syria is in its sights. Removing false beliefs allow awareness of the tyranny being committed, so we can end it. Understanding the formation mechanisms of these beliefs can help us un-form them from the subconscious. We are more able to facilitate our own awakenings.

Underneath all we think is all we believe. According to modern day psychologists like Carl Jung, this unconscious layer shapes over 90% of what we perceive and from a collective standpoint makes our awareness of our world. Like an iceberg, 90% is submerged.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” C Jung

Unconscious personal beliefs: these are formed many ways, including shock, repetition, manipulation and distortion. Outside sources can influence your unconscious mind and make you believe what is true or not true.

Collective Unconscious beliefs: our family, friends, community, and larger groups like nations are influenced by collective agreements that can be manipulated. A cultural conditioning can be crafted.

Changing our beliefs of the existing exploitive systems is the most important step toward changing our societal systems. So allow yourself to question your beliefs and what the government, corporations and media say. Who is really behind the US military/industrial complex and the invasion of foreign nations? Why is the Federal Reserve owned by private bankers with ties to Goldman Sacs and Wall Street? What has happened to our privacy? What has happened to our governance and the disenfranchisement of its citizens?

As a society, we need to awaken to the manipulation that herds us down a road of subjugation. The real battlefield is the subconscious and the erroneous beliefs that allow the manipulation. The elite’s dream world reinforces debt, fear, opposing factions and violence. The systems they architect reinforce mechanisms to provide more wealth to the fabulous wealthy.

We need to replace this low consciousness and contracted energies with an uplifting vision and strategic action to make it happen. Feed beliefs that cast a bright light onto our future. Develop systems that support the common good. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. For our well-being, our beliefs should be energy gaining, not energy draining.

If you believe that the storm trooper police of the Elite will come and take you away and you are constantly on the alert for their presence, then you drain your energy with fear and probably delusion. Beliefs that contract your energy are energy drainers.

Other beliefs like those from Gandhi focused on the power of love and forgiveness. He taught others to develop local self-sufficiency while peacefully unplugging from corrupt systems. The belief in love and helping our fellow humans is uplifting and energy gaining.

The real battlefront is the false beliefs that deceive us and prevent us seeing a deeper truth and taking proper action. The analogy of battle is appropriate. Look around at the growing wealth inequality, expanded military, crumbling infrastructure, and governance that do not represent the people. What sustains this is primarily the invading of the citizens’ subconscious to deceive us. The result is that we give our wealth and well-being to a few self-proclaimed leaders. This invasion allows a sinister agenda to unfold. From the manipulation of the subconscious, we have become partially enslaved in the elite’s dream world and most of us don’t know it.

Steps for Transforming Dysfunctional Beliefs

Question the premise of the belief: How did it form, what decisions did you make? You may have been led astray. Dysfunctional beliefs are founded on false premises.

Recognize what you’re getting with a dysfunctional belief, which is nothing: Realize the repercussions of this mind set. What have been the consequences? The quickest way to change a belief is to associate it with consequences of pain and suffering.

Focus on joy and love, and the low vibration beliefs associated with anger and fear will drop away as they are not being fed the energy that sustains them.

Create an “empowered belief”: Align a new belief with the greater truth of who you are and what you would like your community to become. An empowered belief is an affirmation, and is the antithesis of the dysfunctional belief. The empowered belief should be:

– expressed in the present tense

– positively stated about changing yourself, or creating a vision

– said in a way that evokes deep feeling and passion within you

Example: “I, Paul, am joyously developing successful grassroots initiatives.”

Identify Support: Get support for your empowered belief and utilize this reinforcement. This support can come from family, friends, business associates, a grassroots group, or a higher power.

Tools for Changing Beliefs

Start with a different belief that supports what you want.

Reinforce your belief by getting others involved to support your new belief.

Pain is the ultimate tool for shifting the old belief. Look at the facts and the pain and suffering induced by the old way.

Model from other successes.

Use positive affirmations to attract what you want.