“Paul Deslauriers’ exciting and motivating action manual – Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy – is not about launching protests that go nowhere with today’s politicians. It is about replacing them with your elected lawmakers starting at the local and county level where “the 99% have a strong say…all the way to the top.”  Ralph Nader

Your donation will go directly to supporting progressive Political Action Committees in counties to take back our democracy in seven steps.

 California and Hawaii for the 2020 Elections

Through meetings with ACLU, Sierra Club, Progressive and Social Democrats, and numerous local progressive and social justice groups the implementation has begun. All agree that a by-partisan approach with local county grassroots control is needed and are willing to participate.

Progressive Democrats are frustrated within their organization as they see their party has been overtaken by big money interests. Many groups fighting for causes and seeing it go nowhere are another. There are groups within a Progressive network such as the CA Progressive Alliance making up 15 counties, cities and districts. There are presently an additional 4 counties in Southern CA ready to organize. Most CA counties have progressives who are willing to form a core group to head up an independent county Political Action Committee (PAC)

In Hawaii we have enrolled political leaders who are encouraging the Hawaiian Natives to participate and establish a core group within each county. Maui has led the way and now the Big Island, Kaui, and Oahu are presently in the early stages of forming their own local PAC.

Training and Technology

Paul Deslauriers has worked as an organization development consultant for 36 years; this foundation and insight gives  great confidence in the success of this proposal. Additional books Paul has  authored include:

  • Grassroute Guide: Roadmap to Community Empowerment”, lays out in a practical and applicable format, insightful principles of community organizing.
  • IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE: The 6 Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups, describes the principles for developing high energy organizations.

The team has given hundreds of workshops on a broad range of organization development topics. We can through ZOOM, Facebook, and You Tube provide weekly sessions that can easily expand beyond CA and HI.

 Proposal Deliverables

Facilitate the development of 62 county PAC’s in HI and CA. Each separate organization would be locally developed and managed.

Provide training in teamwork, values, structure, bookkeeping, branding and initial promotions. Have a workshop for each group. Have them set up a pre-launch process including action committees for volunteers.

Support setting up networking with existing progressive groups focused on social justice, election reform, environmental responsibility, affordable housing …..I have the experience of coordinating 287 grassroots group throughout Europe and the US. The support of 62 county groups is doable with two support staff.